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Posted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:09 pm
by Sleipnir
The older macbooks have a gma950 graphics chip, which don't support OpenRA very well currently.

There is a work around that works with some graphics cards, so may work for you:
Open the app bundle (right click on, then "Show Package Contents") and open the file Contents/Resources/shaders/chrome-rgba.fx with a text editor.

Near the bottom of the file you should see

Code: Select all

technique high_quality {
	pass p0	{
		BlendEnable = true;
		DepthTestEnable = false;
		CullFaceEnable = false;
		VertexProgram = compile latest Simple_vp();
		FragmentProgram = compile latest Simple_fp();
		BlendEquation = FuncAdd;
		BlendFunc = int2( SrcAlpha, OneMinusSrcAlpha );
Set BlendEnable to false, and save the file.