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Post by chrisf » Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:52 pm

Changelog for 2010-11-07:

- Fix Engineer/Tanya/etc refusing to enter buildings in 2010-11-06.

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Post by Dom_UK-EU » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:22 am

chrisf wrote: Changelog for 2010-11-07:

- Fix Engineer/Tanya/etc refusing to enter buildings in 2010-11-06.
Spy's don’t enter any buildings? on 1107-2

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Post by beedee » Mon Nov 15, 2010 8:30 am

This isn't the place to post bug reports, please keep it out of this topic.

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Post by beedee » Sun Nov 21, 2010 9:47 am


Bug fixes:
  • Fixed Tesla causing an out of memory exception
  • Fixed Tesla animations.
  • All players can now see AI players in lobby.
  • Weapon factory sell animation now plays correctly.
  • Utility app now extracts downloaded content packages properly.
  • Fixed helicopters landing in silly places.
New Features:
  • New default renderer using GLSL instead of CG. Removes the dependency on the CG toolkit and fixes issues with Radeon graphics cards using latest drivers.
  • Order queuing with <shift>
  • Unlimited power option in dev mode.
  • New King of the Hill game mode with two maps: Crossroads and Island Hoppers
  • Smoke trails for damaged aircraft.

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Post by beedee » Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:17 am


  • New launcher for Windows and OS X (Linux coming in a later release) for downloading and installing mods, and launching the game.
  • Disable Surrender button when you win or lose.
  • Fix Minimap orders outside viewport.
  • Render building previews when placing a structure.
  • Buttons offset their contents when pressed.
  • Dropdown listboxes in the game lobby and diplomacy panel.
  • Allow moving the cursor and editing anywhere in textfields.
  • Don't render things outside the map.
  • Render selection boxes / health bars, target lines above everything else
  • Show "cannot move here" cursor when mousing over invalid terrain under the fog, or outside the map.
  • Remove move flashes (they are obsoleted by target lines).
  • Buildings are always visible under fog.
  • Captured refineries no longer give cash to the original owner.
  • New rally point artwork.
  • Fix broken airstrike / parabomb special powers.
  • Fix diplomacy cycling shroud exploit.
  • Change the .rpm package to target Fedora.
  • Fixed idle animations
  • Added "A Path Beyond" map
  • Fix crash when selling iron curtained buildings.
  • Don't stack multiple Invuln render effect on an actor.
  • Fix exploit in Iron Curtain, Chronosphere, Nuke.
  • Fix paradrop flare remaining forever if drop plane is killed.
  • Area of effect Iron Curtain.
  • Area of effect Chronoshift.
  • Remove sandbag in water of "Equal Opportunity" map.
  • Allow chronoshifted and paradropped units to collect crates.
  • Fixed medic crash.
  • Removed end of game crash.
  • Fix dog attack.
  • Missile silo requires power but can be powered down.
  • Fix shellmap low power and invalid gap generator position.
  • Removed Naval Transport until it's cargo capabilities are fixed
  • Fix exploit in Ion Cannon, Nuke.
  • Add some basic scripting to the shellmap.
  • Fix invulnerable stealth tanks.
  • Oil derricks spurt fire when killed.
  • New load screen (unfinished).
  • Fix observers.
  • Helicopters automatically target enemy units
  • Refactored Orders to use less network bandwidth and remove duplication.
  • Dump available extensions to graphics.log when GL Renderer fails to init.
  • Fix Makefile constantly rebuilding, and refactor for readability.
  • Display soft shroud around edge of map instead of hard border.
  • Standardise engine naming of Theatre -> Tileset.
  • Refactor map size queries to all use Map.Bounds.
  • Move all widget delegate into the RA mod dll.
  • Renamed ListBoxWidget -> ScrollPanelWidget.
  • Fix ScrollPanelWidget scrolling beyond the start by 1 velocity tick.
  • Removed duplication from target lines.
  • Extensive refactoring of shroud.
  • Refactor Scale trait to a property on Render*.
  • Refactor idle behavior

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Post by chrisf » Sun Jan 09, 2011 6:02 am


  • New GTK based launcher for linux.
  • Mod version, version check, and MOTD moved from the main menu into the launchers.
  • Fixes for non-standard mono installations under OSX.
  • Fixes for filepaths with spaces under OSX.
Map Editor / Maps
  • Fixed crash when using floodfill.
  • New map format (version 4). Open and resave maps with the editor to upgrade them.
  • Added support for compressed (.oramap or .zip) maps.
  • Removed .uid files from maps -- compute the hash on demand now.
  • Mod versions are checked when joining a server. Clients with a different game version / wrong mods will not be able to join.
  • Added 'Stop' command on 'S'.
  • Stop units from autotargeting walls.
  • Added different pip colour for gems vs ore.
  • Fixed several exploits in support powers.
  • Continue to show selected units when firing special powers.
  • Fixed palette effects (nuke, chronoshift) being applied to fog / shroud.
  • Added a replay viewer.
  • Fixed building previews being rendered below bridges.
  • Forced the AI to leave gaps between its buildings.
  • Fixed captured buildings still drawing power from the original owner.
  • Fixed various crashes in the editor when trying to make a new map.
  • Support multiple bot types; added another bot difficulty.
  • Removed option to not save syncreports.
  • Fixed desync related to aircraft.
  • Fixed sync not being checked on World traits.
  • Pick a random available door on production structures with more than one (barracks, subpens, etc).
  • Fixed some rare Harvester-related crashes.
  • Added labels to the perf graph.
  • Locked teams by default.
  • Fixed "No games found" not being displayed when there was an in-progress (hidden) game detected.
  • Added support for multiple shellmaps. Chooses randomly.
  • Fixed dropdowns possibly getting stuck open when the host force-starts the game.
  • Improved scrollpanels - added scrollbars and mousewheel support.
  • Fixed potential desyncs in building refund calculation and unit repair.
  • Added black outline to text drawn over the world, so it can be seen in all cases.
  • Many performance improvements.
  • Fixed footprint of ATWR.
  • Improved harvester docking.
  • Made Oil Derricks capturable.
  • Fixed nuke detonation sound.
  • Fixed Tanya not having the correct pip color.
  • Fixed helicopters spawning in the wrong place.
  • Fixed Spy-related crashes when disguising as civilians.
  • Allow using C4 on friendly buildings.
  • Improved harvester docking.
  • Added proper shareable/revokable GPS.
  • Nerf 1tnk hard.
  • Increase cost of 2tnk slightly, but increase its HP too.
  • Require power to operate SAM sites.
  • Fixed missing tooltips for SHOK and TTNK.
  • Fixed chronoshift power requiring two clicks to cancel.
  • Fixed desync related to chronoshift.
  • Fixed bogus bottom-left spawnpoint on Central Conflict.
  • Production tabs with an item ready now light up yellow.
  • Fixed crash when a WEAP is half-destroyed before it finishes deploying.

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Post by liamdawe » Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:35 pm

Congrats on the new update, trying to launch on Ubuntu 10.10 64bit but get a missing "" but i have it installed?

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Post by ddd » Mon Jan 10, 2011 5:52 am

There is a problem in gtklauncher on amd64 systems at the moment. You may try to execute it by hands:
locate OpenRA.Game.exe (it gives the path were the game was installed)
cd /usr/share/openra/ (or to the path given above)
mono OpenRA.Game.exe Game.Mods=ra Graphics.Renderer=Gl (this is an execution it by hands)

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Post by Sleipnir » Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:22 am

  • Engine:
    • Informative drop messages - user is notified of kick vs game has started vs server unavailable
    • Fixed render errors with the build palette on the first game tick
    • Improved sync check performance
    • Shp writing capabilities for mod tools
    • Fixed desync due to floating point calculations in unit facing
    • Fixed idle animations
    • Removed launchers on all platforms
    • Asset download/install is now performed ingame
    • Mod selector is now available from the main menu
    • Fixed `lock teams' checkbox
    • Lots of misc. engine refactoring
    • Fixed exploit allowing stance changes when teams are locked
    • Fix crash when capturing last enemy silo
    • Fix units continuing to attack a building after it has been captured
    • Fix floating point issues with missiles (manifests as broken torpedos in ra)
    • Fix location calculation for flying units (manifests as invincible helicopters in cnc)
    • Infantry stack 5-to-a-cell like the original games
    • Craters and scorches smoke for a limited time
    • Added a scatter key (bound to `x')
  • C&C:
    • Fixed commando c4
    • Fixed Airfield production notification ("Reinforcements have arrived")
    • Fixed palette bugs with Oil Derricks and walls
    • Fixed tech tree bugs after capturing enemy productions structures
    • "Repairing" eva
    • Proper "pop up" SAM sites. Closed SAMs receive a 50% armor bonus.
    • SAM sites require power to operate
    • Advanced Guard Tower requires power to operate
    • Support structures no longer grant build radius
    • Lower Barracks/Hand health
    • Increase Weapons Factory health
    • Increase rocket bike damage
    • New Map: Crossing the Rubicon (Arcturus)
  • RA:
    • Game assets can be installed from one of the Red Alert cds
    • "Repairing" eva
    • GPS is now shared between allies
    • Submarines are no longer visible to everyone
    • Fixed paradrop flare, spyplane from capturing KOTH points
    • New Map: Nuclear Winter (nudalz)
    • New Map: Seaside (nudalz)
  • Editor:
    • Ability to switch mods after launch
    • Refactor hardcoded tools into a generic interface

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Post by Pepzi » Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:08 pm

The tool crashes after it's trying to apply the downloaded update.

CD ripping command doesn't work either. What files exactly does the new version need so that I can run the Ra1 aswell as C&C1 games?

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Post by ddd » Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:28 pm

You should try the latest playtest version of the game at first (avalaible on the official site). Then if that won't help, you may try the following links:
extract to mods/ra/packages/
extract to mods/cnc/packages/

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Post by Pepzi » Sun Feb 13, 2011 9:11 pm

Thanks! It worked!

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Post by Sleipnir » Sat Mar 19, 2011 8:25 pm

  • Engine:
    • Display range circles when placing defenses
    • Support a hostile creeps player for viceroids / dinosaurs / ants / etc
    • General refactoring and performance fixes
    • Stop/Scatter/Deploy orders give audio feedback
    • "Allow cheats" option moved into the game lobby, visible to all players
    • "Build anywhere" developer mode option
    • Improved pathfinding when collecting crates or crushing walls.
    • Refactor idle / prone infantry animations
    • Improve missile trail effects
    • Actors without health are not considered as dead
    • Health bars show recent damage as it is inflicted
    • Production structures and special powers show selection bars showing progress
    • Mouseover units to display healthbars etc
    • Fix shroud glitch when units exit transports
    • Fix bots jamming up their production structures
    • Direct connect will assume port 1234 if none is given
    • Chrome image mapping definitions changed from xml to yaml
    • Water explosion animations are not used for airborne explosions over water
    • Fix rendering of very large maps
    • Report GPU memory usage to debug.log
    • Massive improvements in repeated allocation / deallocation of memory
    • Fixed a desync with repairing buildings
    • Fixed a desync with aircraft (it now crashes deterministically instead)
    • Fixed a desync with KOTH maps
    • Fixed a bug where a slot is shown as closed when it contains a bot
    • Fix crash when spawning map actors owned by a nonexisting player
    • Fix crash when changing mod while playing music
    • Fix crash with perf graph
    • Fix crash in replay viewer if replays directory doesn't exist
    • Fix crash when selling civilian buildings
    • Fix crashes caused by blank game title / direct connect server textfields
    • Oil derricks, harvester unloading, selling structures shows cash indicator
    • Prerequisites system refactoring to allow non-building prerequisites
    • Fix shift+tab not cycling the build tabs
    • Fix bogus keyboard input in text fields
    • Don't change mods if the same one is selected in the dropdown
    • Support for remapping the control group addition modifier (ctrl) to any modifier key
    • Fix helicopters flying 1 cell off the right or bottom of the map
  • C&C:
    • Viceroids! Infantry killed by tiberium or chem warriors may turn into viceroids
    • Fixed death animations
    • Blue tiberium damages infantry
    • Map-placed SAM sites start closed
    • Engineers capturing enemy buildings gives enemy tech
    • Buildings emit minigunners and engineers when sold (no more technicians / civilians)
    • Civilians panic when attacked
    • Fix a rare crash with harvester docking
    • Fix a rare crash with stealth tank
    • New Map: East vs West 3 by pchote
    • Removed Maps: Wargames, Yellowstone II
    • Oil Derricks have a small sight range
    • Apaches have a muzzleflash
  • RA:
    • Service depots repair units faster
    • Fix crash when telling a minelayer to create an empty minefield
    • Fixed interior tileset boxes
    • New Map: Styrian Mountains by ReFlex
    • New Map: Convergence by Arcturus
    • Updated Map: Seaside by nudalz
    • Longbow ammo increased from 6 to 8, description fixed
    • Hind cost decreased from 1500 to 1000, hp increased from 100 to 150, range decreased from 12 to 10
    • Service depot cost increased to from 700 to 1000
    • Radar dome cost increased from 1000 to 1400
    • Artillery now requires war factor and radar dome, inaccuracy decreased from 80 to 40
    • APC moved from Allies to Soviets, hp increased from 200 to 300, price increased from 800 to 850
    • Medium / Heavy / Mammoth tanks now require service depot to build
    • Heavy tank cost reduced from 1200 to 1150
    • Flame turret rate of fire increased from 45 to 65, fires 2 bursts
    • AA guns, flak trucks can now fire over walls
    • Jeeps can carry a single passenger
    • Base defenses no longer provide ground control
    • Vehicle speed on clear ground increased, speed on ore reduced
    • Grenadiers have a 50% chance of exploding when killed
    • Spys are ignored by enemy units when disguised, tooltips show as disguised unit
    • Fix crates being paradropped inside trees, buildings
    • Production hotkey for flame turret changed to t, tesla coil to u
    • Disguised spys now appear correctly on radar and tooltips
    • Fix GPS behavior when alliances change.
    • Aircraft now fly to a target location and circle instead of returning to base
    • Aircraft no longer fly off the map if their Airfield is destroyed
  • Editor:
    • New map format (version 5). Maps < Version 4 are no longer supported by the editor or game.
    • Waypoints and MP start locations are now actors
    • Importing C&C/RA maps fixed
    • New png loader to support future tools
    • Editor uses the correct icon under mono
    • Editor only saves non-default values for PlayerReferences in map files
    • Default player colours has been returned to neutral grey.
    • Maps can be loaded from the commandline
    • Option to show actor names
    • Support for veteran / elite actors to be defined in the map yaml
  • Packaging:
    • Rename .deb package to use debian naming conventions
    • Improve linux package installation / elevation prompts (uses zenity, require mono >= 2.6.7)
    • Fix package installation crash on windows xp
    • Windowed mode now launches in the center of the screen under Windows

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Post by Sleipnir » Wed May 11, 2011 10:36 am

  • Engine:
    • Fix hotkeys firing on both key down and key up
    • Allow C4 delay to be configurable
    • Text field support for home and end keys
    • Fix world actor being owned by Creeps player (causing Neutral to be hostile) on new maps
    • Include gpu vendor string in graphics.log for unsupported cards
    • Fix crash with some aud files
    • Fix a rare crash when a repairing building is killed
    • Improvements to HackyAI
    • Generalize capture logic to work for any actor types
    • Support RA2-style missile trails
    • Fix helicopters failing to attack targets in some situations
    • Fix 'exploit detected' when using hotkeys on another players units
    • Relinquish spawn point in the game lobby when entering a spectator slot
    • Fix maps with >8 spawnpoints in the game lobby
    • Yaml loader crashes correctly when trying to inherit from a nonexistant actor
    • Yaml loader crashes correctly when trying to remove a nonexistant trait
    • Modding support for multiple player palettes
    • Fix several crashes when installing packages
    • Many other general engine improvements
  • C&C:
    • Fix Viceroid target-scan radius
    • Fix map-placed SAM-sites not being able to attack
    • Commando voice clip when built
    • Commando voice clip after kills
  • RA:
    • New unit: Supply truck for donating funds to another player
    • Pilots (sometimes) parachute from shot down planes
    • Bounties on killed units
    • Use RA2 style missile trails
    • New GPS logic
    • New map: Pressure by seru
  • Packaging:
    • Utility writes a log to support dir when crashing
    • Support for Ubuntu 11.04
    • Fix osx crash when run from a path with spaces

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Post by hamb » Sat Oct 20, 2012 6:51 pm

  • Engine:
    • General performance improvements
    • Added setting for direct connection on game launch (Game:ConnectTo: ip:port)
    • Added setting to limit framerate via startup argument (Graphics:CapFrameRate: false)
    • Added owner chooser for new actors in the editor
    • Added actor info panel in the editor (doubleclick)
    • Fixed minimap export breaking subsequent actions in the editor
    • Fixed writing of empty replays
    • Fixed issue with LaserZap widths (obelisk shots)
  • Both Mods:
    • Always allow buildings to be repaired (removed dependency on Construction Yard)
    • Added a new Defend stance for units
    • Added base under attack notification
    • Spacebar focuses viewport to last under attack notification
    • Ctrl-Shift-Numkey groups units into existing group
    • Helicopters now bob slightly in flight
    • Bots:
      • Repair their own buildings
      • Maintain a level of aggro on enemy units
      • Moved some bot configuration into system.yaml
      • Fixed being unable to set rallypoints for production buildings
    • Replaced the server browser with a new and awesome one
    • Server lobbies upon creation use the previously played map
    • Made SpawnMPUnits' initial unit configurable
    • Fixed infantry squish sounds not being positioned
    • Fixed actor priority not being correct for doubleclick
    • Fixed poor stance switching detection
    • Semi-fixed naval units repairing from anywhere on map
  • Red Alert:
    • Fixed crash which occurred when playing an online game with Hard AI
    • Fixed planes stacking more than 1 per airfield
    • Fixed planes being unable to rearm at airfield
    • Improved logic for sending planes and helicopters back to base
    • Fixed infantry not able to walk over anti-tank mines, and vice versa
    • Fixed pointless reload of shellmap when disconnecting from lobby
    • Added a setting to toggle shellmap
    • Changed team color chooser to match C&C's
    • Balance:
      • MiG fires in bursts of 2 instead of 4, and damage per missile increased
      • Longbow fires in bursts of 2 instead of 1
      • Submarines are set to HoldFire stance by default
      • Mammoth Tank hp regeneration altered - 25hp per second, after 10 seconds since last unit damage
      • Tesla Tank cost decreased and armor increased
      • Flamethrower now only requires Flame Turret to be built
      • Minelayer (Anti-Tank) mine count reduced from 5 to 3
    • New Map: Bombardment Islands (Sprog)
    • New Map: Engagement (Nukem)
    • New Map: Man to Man (Nukem)
    • New Map: Breaking Point (Nukem)
    • New Map: Asymetric Battle (Seru)
    • New Map: Temperal (Blarget2)
    • New Map: Ares National Park (Wuschel)
    • New Map: Poseidon (Wuschel)
    • New Map: Apollo (Wuschel)
    • Removed Maps: Paramount, Pandemonium, Bavarian Redux
  • C&C:
    • Changed the bot spawn chooser to match RA's
    • Reduced delay of tooltips
    • Fixed a lobby crash when players joined
    • Balance:
      • Stealth Tanks are set to HoldFire stance by default

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